is a golf stats system that allows you to track in great detail a large number of statistics about your golfing game. Includes golf course directory reviews and photos
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The following information is available:

What is is a site dedicated to the many around the world who love this great game. Whether you are playing at professional level, or a weekend hacker, you will benefit by following your score, and analysing on a hole by hole and course by course basis, where you need to improve.

The team of dedicated professionals that have developed this site have golf skills ranging from abysmal to reasonable, but their enthusiasm and passion is without rival.

If you have any ideas that you think would improve this site, please contact us.

Help us to help you get the best out of this site and your game.

Due to the volume of enquiries that we receive, we may not be able to respond to all suggestions, but the will be considered with all future developments of this site. is a division of Vallez Pty Ltd ABN 86 078 001 073

To Advertise on this site, and for all enquiries about this site, contact:

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Richmond, Victoria, Australia, 3121

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The following help topics are available: if you require further help of have a suggestion please contact us.

Statistics helps you collect a wealth of statistics on your game. To assist you in collecting these statistics whilst playing you may print score cards directly off with the range of statistics that you wish to track. To print a score card simply locate the course and tee and click 'Print Scorecard'. are working on a PDA (Windows Mobile) version of these score cards. To express your interest in this please contact us.

If you have any suggestions on statistics or the presnetation of these on please contact us.

Adding a course

Can't find the course you are looking for - enter it's details in online You are free to add a course into the system and may do so here. When entering course information please enter as much information you have to help beneift yourself and other users.

Adding a tee

To enter a score (round) a tee must be entered for the course - to add a tee simply find the course you wish to enter a round for and click the 'Add Tee' link. If you played 9 holes on an 18 hole course please enter the information for the full 18 holes and select front or back 9 when adding your scores.


Groups on allow you to group your golfing partners scores together allowing you to compare and view statistics as a group. You may search for a group here or create your own group.

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Any details or information concerning golf courses and clubs is of a general nature only, and whilst great care is taken, no liability is accepted for any inaccuracies howsoever caused. Site users should make any enquiries directly to the club that they wish to play or visit.

Any claims or information concerning the length, distance, times, difficulty or otherwise of any course on this site are not those of the publisher of this site.

Prior to playing any game of golf you should check with a medical professional that you are fit to play golf or to visit or use a particular golf course.

Where any booking are made for a game of golf, those bookings are made on your behalf and should be confirmed by you with the golf club PRIOR to your attendance. No liability is accepted for an invalid booking or double booking howsoever caused. All golf courses that offer course booking using this site may in their absolute discretion decline, vary or refuse that booking without offering any reason for such variation or refusal.

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At, your right to privacy is just as important to us as it is to you.

We do not disclose any information you provide to us at to any other person or third party other than those as required by force of law.

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